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medina It’s popular with shoppers who can find Moroccan handicrafts, such as woven blankets, not found elsewhere in the country. Goat cheese also is popular, but most likely doesn’t top the popularity of kief, a part of the cannabis plant, that is openly sold in shops.

Things to Do in Chefchaouen

Traditional Riad
Come and enjoy Riad Baraka, traditionally restored by local craftsmen. Be enchanted from our charming front door to our stunning terrace with 360° view of the ancient medina and mountains.

Ancient Medina
The medina is the focal point of interest for most visitors to Chefchaouen. Walking around the town with its whitewashed walls, originally decorated in this style by Jewish immigrants, can be a nice change to the hustle and bustle of the cities of Marrakech, Rabat, and Fez.

Breathtaking Surrounding
Take a hike through the scenic Rif Mountains. If you are looking for sports or peaceful hiking tours, Chefchaouen is the ideal starting point to branch out in the villages and the surrounding mountains of the Rif.

Choose between Private Ensuite Rooms, Twin & Double Rooms and 4-Bed Dormitories

Riad Baraka is set in a 600 yr old house restored by local craftsmen into a comfortable stylish place with a relaxed atmosphere to match Chaouen perfectly. The Hostel is located 70 meters inside the the Main Medina gate and 200 meters behind the main plaza. We offer 3 Private Ensuite Rooms, 4 Twin & Double Rooms and two 4-Bed Dormitories.
The hostel is designed around its communal areas which are both inside and out with quiet corners if you just want to read a book. You will experience Chaouens best and most comfortable terrace with 360 views over two floors, including barbecue area and comfortable seating area.

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