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419011 251522024931244 391731172 nIn no time the city life is forgotten, and you will enjoy this priceless environment. The numerous fruit trees and the kitchen garden look like a Garden of Eden.

The animals of the farm were chosen to preserve the local species. The meals mainly arise from 100% chemical-free organic food which you can pick in the garden for your meal. All the food choices are proposed (vegetarians, vegan, without gluten, without lactose…)

Sawadi is a guesthouse with the comfort of a riad, located at the heart of one of the most beautiful palm grove of Morocco, at 40km from Ouarzazate and 15km from the Atlas foothills. Sawadi is above all an ecolodge. Everything was studied to reduce the impact on the environment. The traditional architectural style kasbah in the are built with materials taken on the spot, we produce our washing liquid with natural products to avoid using devastating detergents and we generalized the use of LED to reduce our energy consumption.

Sawadi's area is 4ha, flowered, filled with date palms, pomegranates, apple trees, pear trees, peach trees, vineyard and fig trees. A little more than 3ha are dedicated to the activities of the ecological farm. It supplies our restaurant with fresh products : meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, olive oil, jams and yoghurts.

Only 20% of the domain is used for the hotel infrastructures. To protect the tranquility and privacy of our hosts, the area is completely closed and rooms are distributed on the whole hotel zone. We are 7km from the village, no noise comes to perturb the peace of mind of the ecolodge. There is no dust either, customers exclusively enjoy the swimming pool, the restaurant with its magnificent shaded terrace and the SPA (hammam and massages).

A big panoramic terrace, out of sight, serves as a solarium. At night, the place is ideal to admire the impressive starry vault away from any artificial lighting.


1. The hotel area: area where are located the various kasbahs, the restaurants and the lounges, the swimming pool, the hammam, the playground.
2. The orchard and the garden : area where vegetables, flowers and fruit trees are in profusion.
3. The house of the farm : traditionnal house without heating nor air conditionning where Catherine and Philippe live.
4. The farm : the habitat of hens, sheeps, goats, ducks, guinea fowls, rabbits, donkeys, cows...
5. The olive grove : area where are essentially planted olive trees, palm trees and fruit trees, as well as lucerne plantings on the ground.

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Visiting Morocco without enjoying a hammam, a skin exfoliation or a massage is a sin ! Everything is reunited to make the most of these cares. At Sawadi, the SPA was created to bring you the best. The massage oil has been developed with plants of the garden (calendula, roses from the Dades valley) and our olive oil. All of the products come from the organic agriculture of Sawadi, so we are assured to provide the best quality. The black oap or Atlas salt skin exfoliation, with medicinal plants will get your baby skin back.

Petit dejeuner

The meals are designed with vegetables and seasonal fruits picked in the kitchen garden and orchard, where every year we taste new seed species and enrich the ground with new fruit trees; you won’t find the proposed menus anywhere else. We know the toxicity of fertilizers and chemical pesticides today; they are banished in Sawadi!! You can bite into apples collected on trees without any apprehension. In the garden, fruits and vegetables are for you, in your good pleasure.

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